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All staff can be reached by calling (415) 925-2600 except where noted. Extension numbers are listed below. Our office hours are M-F, 9-5, PST.

Patrick Maguire

Extension 112. Patrick can answer most of your questions, but please route your specific questions to the appropriate staff person below.

Mike May

Extension 117. National applications for CFC and corporate campaigns, Online Portfolio, Charity State Registration Services.

Charlotte Swett

Extension 116. National applications, Marketing, Annual Conference questions.

Carri Harte

Extension 115. Marketing, National New Membership.

Cynthia Niven

Extension 122. Donor Names, General Administration.

Carolyn Peglar

Extension 103. National Applications.

Felice Ludington

Extension 128. National applications, Logo Information.

Jennifer Durney

Extension 121. National applications.

Suzanne Guild

Extension 120. Local applications.

Lisa Fierro

Extension 126. Distributions and accounting.

Theresa Reilly

Extension 114. Distributions and accounting.

Cathy Miller

Extension 124. State campaigns.

Jesse Beisler

Extension 113. State campaigns.

Shannon Falter

(918) 813-3496. Web Site Administration, Tech Support for GiveDirect.

Janet Bargewell

(866) 459-6420. GiveDirect Customer Support.

Vasily Spirin

Extension 119. Online Portfolio, Systems Development and Administration.

Bill Broughan

Extension 127. Local applications.

Michelle Clancy

Extension 100. Local Campaigns.

Julia Cunningham

Extension 123. Local Campaigns.

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